So I gave up.

Turns out, somewhere late Saturday I decided to give up. I spent the rest of the weekend plundering caves and pondering on why, exactly, I did not want to finish the detox. I came to a possible chain of reasoning through MBTI personalities. I guess I just wanted to lay out my thoughts for the world, since I don’t have many people to discuss this meaningless crap with in the real world.

I’m an INTP. INTP personalities are notorious for not really finishing stuff. I think this is my main problem. It’s not like I detoxed very much at all, and I pretty much went back to how I regularly eat (much to the chagrin of the gym’s scale). But I got the picture. I sort-of understood how this whole thing was going to be (although I never experienced this jump in energy, which I’m still curious about, and therefore I might attempt again in a few days just for fun) and so I was done with it. Right then, I wanted something sweet. And I did. Done.

I have to say, that my first bag of muddy buddies made my stomach terribly upset. I couldn’t understand how this could be since last time they settled fine, but this does mean that my body chemistry was changing. Too bad I ruined that.

Anyways, I’m also very ADHD, it turns out. Well, attention-side ADHD. So really I couldn’t maintain my interest in it anymore. That’s no excuse. And that doesn’t mean that detoxing isn’t beneficial. It’s that with my specific head, it’s very difficult to complete this. That doesn’t mean I won’t try again though, and that doesn’t mean I didn’t give myself plenty of crap for not completing even half of the prescribed program.

My personality type also gives me major issues in completing other things, actually. I really, really need to do my chem report. But I just can’t seem to do it. I’ll probably finish around 1 am tonight, I guess. After I get this chain of thought out of my system.

Actually, I’m going to sleep. I’m tired. I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

Screw life.

I’m going to hate myself if I have to retake this class next semester.


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