Day 3, AM

It’s only about 10:30 and I’ve been awake but an hour, but I feel the need to write something on how strange I feel. I’m telling you, overhauling a diet can do stuff to yah. Around nine today I woke up with a lot of energy, but that left me quickly. I did a week’s worth of dishes (I’m not kidding yah. I need to do the dishes way more often than I actually do) and after that, I got light-headed and had to sit down and grab something to eat. I just got up to get a fork and my head was already spinning. Thankfully, I’m allowed to have a small amount of rice today, so I’m having that for breakfast as I write, as well as a cutie.

Microwaveable rice is not as bad as I thought by the way. I lack a rice cooker or stove, so I ended up buying the 2 dollar box of store-brand rice with a big “microwaveable” sign in the lower right corner. Needless to say, if I wanted to be real good about it I should have bought brown rice, but close enough, right? I do think I made too much as well. I used my tea cup as a measuring cup for that magic 1:1 ratio of water and rice (with optional butter. who puts butter in rice?) the box describes and to my own surprise, my appetite is so small I’m having trouble finishing half of it. I’ll store the other half in the fridge for tomorrow’s breakfast.


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