Day 2

I’m tired, have a headache, was light-headed after my workout, and even though I’ve eaten quite a bit in veggies, it feels like I’ve eaten nothing at all. Is this really supposed to be this way? Maybe this is part of the detox part. I mean, no sugar or caffeine or carbs in two days. It’s rough. I didn’t think that the second freakin’ day would be so rough. All I want is a caramel macchiato. And a burger. With fries.

My workout wasn’t very proper today. I must have looked like a turtle on the elliptical. I still managed to burn around 300 calories on that thing, and lifted some weights beforehand to maintain muscle. In the locker room, I weighed myself and came in at 169.4. Which is fantastic, I have to say. But it’s hard to be super excited about 3 pounds of weightloss in two days when I have the energy of a sloth.

Well, let’s hope tomorrow I have more energy. I still have a salad in the fridge that I must eat, sans dressing, and lots of yummy carrots and bellpepper. Sarcasm intended. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow’s hot soup and potatoes. Oh dear.


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