Day 1

I’m not sure about how I feel about this day. Sure, I am lighter. I had not the chance to purchase fruit before class, and lunch time was filled with essay writing, so I only got the chance to go to the store by 4, and did not eat until nearly 4:45. Because I am walking much these days, this was very exhausting. But that has nothing to do with the actual diet. So let’s move on to that. 

I ate grapes, a large apple, and a couple of mandarin oranges. I’m just not a very big fruit eater, so even though I’m rather hungry still, that was all I ate. It must only come to a good 500 calories or so. I also drank three cups of tea, as advised by a few different plans.

At the gym today, I lifted weights, did some equipment exercises for legs, that roman chair, and 25 minutes of rowing, which is supposed to burn quite a few calories. Total, I suppose I spent about an hour there, and burned perhaps 350 or 400 calories. Tomorrow, I will do more elliptical work to push that number up to 500. Plus, I’ve been doing rowing more often lately and I am afraid I will develop man shoulders from it. A silly fear, I know, but it’s there. 

As for that first comment about being lighter, by some strange phenomenon not explained by mathematics, I went down from 173.1 to 171.6 over one day. I am not sure if I will get such dramatic results every day over the next week, and actually am quite certain I will not, but it’s quite nice. It’s a good incentive to keep going, and I have high hopes for the next few days. I’m wondering if by my birthday (the 24th) I could be 165. 

But talking like this makes me feel like I’m back to my sophomore year of high school, back when I seriously read pro-ana blogs in hopes of affecting my weight. Not much good ever came to that, and the best that I ever did was when I ignored such thoughts and focused on, well, not much of anything. I don’t understand my own body. I have gone down from 205 since then, but there is not one specific thing I can point to to explain it.

Anyways, I’ll check in again tomorrow. I hope that I can sustain this effort and remain healthy, and eventually start feeling this “rejuvenated” feeling that others keep reporting. I think that happens around day 5. Clean eating is pain.


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