Oh legs, you’re so strong. Why can’t you be beautiful too?

With a few year’s worth of exercise, my legs have become very strong. Although I exercise in an erratic way, sometimes skipping three days or even a week and sometimes going on a week-long exercise binge, over my last two years of high school and into my first year of college this has balanced out to give me rather powerful legs. I might not be running marathons but I can walk for hours without getting tired. I can out-squat most people in my gym (which is full of beautiful, slim girls and toned, muscular men) and I have much overall power and endurance. Much of this is due to countless reps of squat-jumps and my affinity for longer, medium-paced cardio sessions. 

But. For all the awesome muscle I am building under the surface, I see not a shred of it past my damned fat stores. It’s not like I have much fat on my back, chest, or arms. It’s all on the thighs, buttocks, and calves. Forgive me for whining, but these are the muscle groups I work most. I do abs and arms 3 times a week max, but every day is leg day. And I for once I would like lean, toned legs instead of ham-hocks. 

This sounds more like a diary entry than anything else, huh?

Well, in light of my empty fridge and thick thighs, I have decided to go with a detox-esque diet plan. I read up on a few diet plans and boiled it down to a few simple concepts. Fruit the first day, veggies the second, a combination the third, and then a build-up of energy-storing foods such as rice, potatoes, and lots of soup. One blog adds in nut butters and canned fish for protein, so if I feel like it on day 4 and up, I’ll add that in.

Not only does this plan sound rather cheap (I am, after all, a college student and frugal to a fault at this point) but it’s simple, once you get all that voodoo blogs seem to put in out of the way. I have one whole salad kit in my fridge right now. And some creamer and an old bag of carrots that really needs to be gotten rid of. Good base, eh? I’ll toss the creamer out (too much of a temptation to make coffee, and it’s pretty much empty) and stock up on the fruits ‘n veggies first thing tomorrow morning before school.

I’m just jumping straight into this one. I expect to be 5 or so pounds lighter by the end of the week. Hopefully, some of that will come off my thighs. There should be an increase in energy somewhere along the way, so we’ll find out about that. In order to put some purpose and consistency to this whole thing, I’m going to give this rather empty blog the low-down on what I’m eating, how much, and how I feel.


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