I might be overdoing it. Or underdoing it. I’m not sure. 

Specifically, I’m talking about exercise, but really it’s like, my entire life. Sometimes I’m glad I’m sorta isolated from the world because if I was rather popular, I’d get even less done. 

So for the last… three days? I didn’t exercise at all. Today, I exercised a total of about 2 hours. And when I do exercise, it’s not like it’s light stuff. I spent an 45 minutes on the elliptical (465 cal) doing medium-to-intense work, them another 10 minutes of rowing, 10 of weight lifting, and approx. an hour or so of leg work (j.jacks, squats, jumping jacks, those plank-side-jump thingies, walking lunges, stair climbing…). And this is normal for me. The whole two-extremes thing.

The only thing I can count on is that I eat like a man, without a man’s metabolism. By which I mean, I just eat rather large portions for dinner, and the rest of the day I’m constantly grazing. I’m thinking I should invest in gum.

I think that to get great results I should really be meal-planning. But that takes so much damn time. And I already don’t have time enough in my head for all my other stuff, let alone space. But seriously, meal planning should be a really good idea… Anyone care to do it for me?


One Response to “yarisugidesuka?”

  1. I understand that jumping between two extremes. It can be so tiring to do that. Planning is hard at first, but does save some energy later on when more of a balance is achieved.

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